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Parking pass


In future, the Federal Social Welfare Office will be responsible for the issuance of the disabled parking card (§ 29 b STVO) as they are already now for the ID card for disabled persons.

The local district administration was responsible for this topic till now but not any longer.

The parking card has to be requested at the Federal Social Welfare Office and will be issued as an attachment to the disabled persons ID card.


Validity of the cards

On 31st of December 2015, all ID cards issued before the year of 2011 will become invalid.

The Federal Social Welfare Office has access to the central population register and can revoke the ID card in case the ID card holder deceased.

Cards issued after the year 2001 will remain valid without limitation.

The card entitles you to:


  • Parking in the no-parking zone
  • Permanent parking in short-term parking zones
  • Free parking in paid parking zones
  • Drive into pedestrian zones (auto-free zones) if there is a special permit for disabled persons ID card holders
  • Parking in pedestrian zones during loading activities
  • Parking of special parking lots for disabled persons
  • Stopping on the second track and stopping in stopping restriction zones (to get-on or off, as well as to unload or load personal means of the disabled person) but only if ic causes no hindrance for other users of the road.

The holder of the parking permit card can park for free in paid parking zones as driver and co-driver.



Whether a parking fee is to be paid or not, is in the responsibility of the municipality. In most states, parking for holders/owners of a parking permit card for people with disabilities is however free according to federal law StVO§ 29b.

These provisions apply also for drivers of vehicles while carrying a severely disabled person.



For the use of the mentioned holding and parking facilities it is necessary to install the card clearly visible behind the windshield of the car and to present it upon request if holding in a restricted zone.

The application must be submitted by the affected person or a legal representatives.


Scope and affected persons

This amendment of the existing law reflects the aim of the legislator to extend the existing scope of covered persons by individuals with mobility limitations others than walking disability.

"In Austria, blind people or their accompanying vehicles may also use handicapped parking spaces as of 1st of January 2014 ", Dr. Markus Wolf (President of the blind and visual impaired Association of Austria), who further explains: "Blind people would not occupy the parking possibilities of wheelchair users but want to increase their own safety."

"This expansion of the scope requires however a more determined measures against the misuse of parking cards by unauthorized third parties.”

On our initiative, the implementation of the new rules is accompanied and evaluated together with the traffic law enforcement agencies on-site with a strong focus on this problem.

This measure improves the effectiveness and prevents abuse in the future", emphasizes Dr. Gabriela Moser, spokeswoman for transport affairs of the “Greens Party of Austria”.




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