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Disabled pass

The degree of disability is essential for the issuance of the disability ID card. A slight disability does not lead to the entitlement of such an ID card.

Eligible to receive a disabled persons ID card are:


  • Beneficiaries disabled persons
  • Persons with increased family allowance
  • Receivers of a nursing allowance
  • Retirees due to occupational disability Persons with a degree of disability or an occupational disability of at least 50%


The disabled persons ID card offers you also additional benefits such as:


  • Free motorway vignette (with additional registration in the disability pass about the unacceptability of the use of public transport or blindness)
  • Exemption from the motor-related insurance tax - (prerequisites: either a parking permit based on the StVO § 29b regulation or an additional registration in the disability pass about the unacceptability of the use of public transport)
  • Discounts on toll fares on the Großglockner High Alpine road, Nockalm road and Gerlos road. On this roads the disability pass is sufficient to grant the discount. For the Felbertauernstraße road and on some toll sections of motorways as for example ont the “A 10”, you need the disabled persons parking permit based on the StVO § 29b an official notice about a limitation in your driving license, as for example “automatic transmission only”
  • Discounts for the membership fees at the ARBÖ and the ÖAMTC (based on the StVO § 29b parking permit card or disabled persons ID card with an additional entry of the unacceptability of the use of public transport)
  • Reduced fares for the ÖBB and Transport Association (depending on the State) with the advantage card special (for disabled persons)
  • The “Euro-key”, a key for the use of toilets, which are reserved for people with disabilities
  • Possibly exemption from tuition fees. Please request further information at your training facility.
  •  At the commercial insurance (GSVG) insured persons with a disability degree of 50% (entry in the disabled persons ID card necessary) will receive a reduction from the retention (cost share) fee. An application at the insurance is required in order to receive this discount!
  • Ticket discounts at leisure and cultural facilities (Please request more information or ask at the facility before you purchase a ticket!)


Please notice! To be eligible to receive benefits and discounts which are related to a car, the car must be registered to the disabled persons ID card holder!


The disabled persons ID card will be issued by the federal social welfare office.

Application forms are available on the website www.bundessozialamt.gv.at

Here is a list of possible additional entries of a disabled persons ID card:


The holder / owner of the disabled persons ID card is

  • has a walking disability
  • is mostly dependent on the use of a wheelchair
  • is blind
  • is severely visually impaired
  • is visually impaired
  • relies on a guide dog
  • has a service - or signal dog
  • is severely hearing impaired
  • is deaf
  • is bearer of a “Cochlear implant"
  • has a seizure disorder
  • is diabetes/diabetic
  • requires an attendant
  • has an ID card as per StVO § 29b (since 1st of January 2001 "Parking card for people with disabilities with strong mobility problems")
  • can ask for fare discount based on the Federal Disability Act
  • belongs to the circle of beneficiaries of disabled persons within the hiring law of persons with a disability
  • Unreasonableness of the use of public transport because of permanent damage to health (or blindness)
  • Is wearing a “metal hip replacement”




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